Brian Kindel

Brian spent the first several years of his career with Garmin International, headquartered in Olathe, KS.  He …
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Greg Harman Director Of Sales StoneLock Facial Biometrics

Greg Harman

Greg Harman is a leader in the physical security industry with 15 years of leadership …
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John Fortino Director Of Operations StoneLock Facial Biometrics

John Fortino

John Fortino grew up in an astronaut suit with aspirations of making it to space. …
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Yanik Brunet General Manager StoneLock Facial Biometrics

Yanik Brunet

Yanik Brunet is a trailblazer in the physical security industry, having spent the majority of …
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David Dunlap Co-Founder & Senior Vice President StoneLock Facial Biomterics

David Dunlap

David Dunlap is behind the big ideas of StoneLock. Entrenched in strategy and responsible for …
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Colleen Dunlap Founder & CEO of StoneLock Facial Biometrics

Colleen Dunlap

Colleen Dunlap is not the traditional CEO; rather, she is notorious among StoneLock and its …
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