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Colleen Dunlap Founder & CEO of StoneLock Facial Biometrics

Colleen Dunlap

Boss Lady


Colleen Dunlap is not the traditional CEO; rather, she is notorious among StoneLock and its clients for being present, fully engaged in the day-to-day. Her involvement in the hiring process ensures the integration of committed, passionate, and like-minded team players. Colleen’s relentless pursuit of excellence compels her to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and pursue innovation, facing discomfort or fear of a “No” head-on. Her dreams of being an engineer since 5th grade, together with her wise intuition, garner a significant competitive edge as she has managed both cutting-edge technology and large teams for over 20 years.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University

Hobbies and Interests

If she’s not working, Colleen can be found playing with any and every rescue animal, except for a snake or spider. Trust us; she’ll whack their heads off.