Human Resources

Inclusive, Compliant, Safe When it Comes to Data Privacy

high throughput identity verification Software

HR wants a 100% user-inclusive, fully ADA, and cultural diversity compliant, opt-in-only system.

Enroll at anyGO; the ultimate in hassle-free high throughput identity verification requires no hands. NIR ensures consistency and data privacy, is safe and invisible to the eye. Less than 5% of biometric data collected with no use of photos and is not recognizable or usable outside of StoneLock. Data Localization supports the geographic isolation of data for GDPR Compliant Solutions.

Features and Benefits

Opt-in Only

Protects Personally Identifiable Information

100% User Compatibility

Simplified Self-Enrollment

GDPR & ADA Compliance

Does Not Identify Race, Ethnicity, Gender, or Age

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Inclusive, Compliant, and Safe Access Control Delivered

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