Gateway Manual

The StoneLock Gateway is the key piece of architecture to the StoneLock system. The Gateway is the communication layer that offers a customizable and seamless integration between the StoneLock readers and the access control systems already in place. Working in conjunction with the web client, the Gateway provides an exceptionally easy and streamlined approach to managing and implementing the StoneLock GO devices into your existing access control network.

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GO Manual

StoneLock GO is a next generation biometric reader redefining security and authentication. StoneLock® GO is built using “faceless” recognition technology intentionally designed to protect users by safeguarding their privacy without the use of photographs and eliminating the need to touch. While an access card or password can be misplaced, shared, or cloned, the inherent properties used to authenticate users through StoneLock ensure that the only people accessing your facility are the ones who have been granted permission.

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REM Manual

The StoneLock REM keeps the network drop at the GO secure. The REM uses an iptables firewall to allow the GO to communicate only to the Gateway over TLS v1.2.

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