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Yanik Brunet

Phil Jackson

General Manager

One of StoneLock’s technical pillars and one of its biggest fans, Yanik Brunet has wide-ranging experience across the security industry and emerging new technologies. In addition to winning “Father of the Year” and quite popular among his four children, Yanik is regarded as one of the finest leaders and innovative trailblazers amidst his industry peers and colleagues. Yanik’s passion for having a lasting impact on people’s lives, whether through delivering a kickass product, mentoring his team or spending quality time with his family, drives his pursuit of excellence and delivering a memorable user experience at every touchpoint. Understanding why and how people make decisions gives a competitive edge as StoneLock’s General Manager, and at a high stakes poker game. Yanik approaches leadership with a unique blend of mentorship, creativity, and a profound ability to connect with individuals, living by example the pursuit of any opportunity that promises a significant impact.

Hobbies and Interests

When not working or spending quality time with his family, you can find Yanik enjoying a game of golf or winning that poker game.