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Integration Partners

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Integrated Features

Biometric Management

Use as a Stand-Alone Access Control Solution, or in a Vast Networked Solution

Remote Biometric Enrollment

Easy 15-second enrollment. Frictionless authentication in less than 1 second. 

Credential Management

Proprietary Architecture and Integrations Provide Scalable, Cost-Effective, High-Performance Recognition of Large Populations 

Permissions & Schedules

Assignment of Additional Layers of Permissions and Schedules to End-User with On-Screen Feedback 

Access Control Platform Integrations & Software


V3 Gateway integration with Security Center versions 5.9 through 5.11. GSC-1SDK-SL-Gateway license required.

Software House

V3 Gateway integration with C-CURE versions 2.8 through 3.0.  CC9000-STONELOCK license required.

LenelS2 - OnGuard

V3 Gateway integration with OnGuard version 8.0. IPC-094-STNLK22-B license required.


V3 Gateway integration with ProWatch version 5.0. Compatible with Honeywell - Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) R600.


V3 Gateway integration with Symmetry version 9.3 through 9.4. Data Connect License required.


V3 Gateway Integration with ACM versions 6.01 through 6.40. AC-SW-LIC-XML license required.


V3 Gateway Integration with EntraPass (Corporate, Global) version 8.2. E-COR-CONNECT or E-GLO-CONNECT license required.

Gateway Integrations Feature Matrix

Gateway Integrations Feature Matrix

Download the full Gateway Integrations Feature Matrix.

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