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Advanced biometric products for user-validation and highly secure access control applications.

StoneLock is meeting the government’s need for access control by offering users both accuracy and convenience while meeting the stringent requirements of some of the most security-intensive facility requirements. As the government moves beyond personal identity verification (PIV) cards and PIN numbers, which can easily be stolen and shared, biometrics provide reliability, convenience, and lower total cost of ownership — without the need to touch anything.

Access Control & Building Security

Protecting government’s most critical assets requires multi-layered levels of security. StoneLock hardens access control to meet the most stringent requirements while offering a fast, accurate and secure solution.

Insider Threat Mitigation

The threat of espionage and national security concerns have grown substantially in recent years, prompting increased attention to insider threats. StoneLock’s Near-Infrared (NIR) technology makes it nearly impossible to imitate or spoof a person’s identity.

Employee Identity Management

Biometrics are frequently stolen and exploited by those relying simply on fingerprints or photo-based biometric systems. StoneLock offers "faceless" recognition, ensuring the protection of privacy.


A seasoned professional with over 20-years of business, manufacturing, and technology experience, CEO Colleen Dunlap has driven StoneLock to be the leader in bringing new, innovative, and quality products to market.


StoneLock is headquartered in a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone just outside of Kansas City. The team is proud of their Kansas roots.


StoneLock’s high-quality access control products are certified for integration with the leading security platforms, representing more than 80% of the market, and hold UL certifications.

Why it Matters

Identity and identity security are taking greater prominence in cybersecurity, information technology departments, and board rooms worldwide.

Site and asset security have become one of the hottest topics in recent years with employee access the most important step in protecting critical information. 81% of data breaches involve stolen privileged credentials. This is not a problem only for corporations and educational institutions: according to a U.S. Senate investigation, drawing on ten years of Inspector General reports, seven of the eight agencies assessed failed to secure personally identifiable information (PII).

Improper role management can result in insider threats, both deliberate and accidental.

Lax oversight of on-boarding, provisioning, and off-boarding can lead to orphaned accounts or employees using vulnerable access workarounds. To top it all off, passwords—long considered the pinnacle of authentication—have been proven to be unreliable and unpopular among professionals and employees alike. In addition, ubiquitous key cards are increasingly lost or stolen, or cloned resulting in increased costs and security risks.

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