StoneLock Whitepaper

Entering the Age of Contactless, Convenient and Clean Biometric Access

The time for touching shared public surfaces is over. Businesses are adapting their operations to improve cleanliness and minimize contact for the protection and peace of mind of its employees. Today’s sophisticated facial recognition technology offers a compelling answer as touchless biometrics allow for strong, trustworthy and convenient authentication at a safe distance.

StoneLock’s Whitepaper, “Entering the Age of Contactless, Convenient and Clean Biometric Access” unveils emerging contactless solutions that offer best-in-class security, privacy protection, and an easy and intuitive user interface. In addition to discovering the key to a contactless and clean biometric security system, the whitepaper unpacks:

  1. The threat of contagion
  2. Key concepts and prevalent use cases concerning touchless biometric access
  3. Arm businesses and system users with the know-how to protect their assets
  4. Technologies to ensure health of employees, customers and communities
  5. The answer to your privacy-enhancing security needs


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