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Frequently Asked Questions

Young_woman reading a book of frequently asked questions about StoneLock facial biometrics.

What is facial recognition? 

Facial recognition is when biometric technology is used to identify and authorize individuals using their own unique facial characteristics.


How is the StoneLock Go different from other facial biometric readers?

Other facial recognition technologies rely on photographic images and still video frames. These images of faces are then stored in a database used for future biometric matching. The privacy of these databases has been a cause of concern for both users and law-makers.

StoneLock Facial Biometrics has created a biometric technology that can authorize a user by using a mathematical formula of their biometrics without storing any personal imagery eliminating this privacy concern.


Should my company use a facial recognition reader for access authentication? 

Face biometrics for authentication can offer the highest grade of security and the best user experience while enhancing the privacy of users.

Inherently more secure and convenient than keys, cards, and PIN codes, biometrics are emerging as the security solution of the digital age, especially in the workplace.  Face recognition perfectly suited for physical access control: unlocking doors, safes, and turnstiles for authorized personnel.


Does StoneLock facial biometrics protect my personal privacy?

It seems counter-intuitive – how can a biometric work to protect privacy?  Most biometrics are based on photographs, video, or similar methods that easily reveal the user.  How can something that identifies you by comparison not hold a resemblance of you?

The StoneLock solution does not capture or store any photographic images.  Instead, StoneLock’s proprietary near-infrared technology captures reflectivity data that is not visible to the naked eye and typically retains less than 5% of the facial data collected from the user, discarding the rest.  This effectively renders StoneLock biometric data both gender and ethnicity agnostic and generally unrecognizable outside of StoneLock’s system.


Does StoneLock facial biometrics store my image?

The StoneLock GO does not capture or store any User photographs.


Will StoneLock work with my current access control system?

StoneLock seamlessly integrates with many leading enterprise access control systems. In addition, the StoneLock GO is also universally compatible with access control solutions that utilize Wiegand or OSDP.  


Can StoneLock be used outdoors?

At this time the StoneLock GO is only suitable for indoor applications. 


How are StoneLock users onboarded?  

Onboarding users is simple and fast with the StoneLock GO: 

      • A one-time use QR code is generated and sent to prospective users once they are pre-loaded in the StoneLock system. 
      • When the QR code is presented to any reader on the system, a 20-second enrollment is automatically initiated. 
      • Once enrolled, the user’s data is automatically populated to appropriate doors, allowing instant authorized access system-wide. 

And that’s it!


Is StoneLock completely touchless?

StoneLock’s hands-free remote enrollment and fast and accurate touchless interface are perfect for enhancing hygiene as well as security during a pandemic such as this one.


How quickly can the StoneLock GO be deployed/implemented?

StoneLock has streamlined the deployment process to make implementation simple and fast.  Readers can be deployed quickly and easily on an on-demand basis.


[1] StoneLock, from time to time and always with the appropriate permissions, takes possession of user data for the sole purpose of system optimization.  At no time does StoneLock take possession of any user identifiers and the data is disposed of immediately after its intended use.  StoneLock fiercely defends user privacy in our product design and operating philosophies.  The protection of the user is a core tenant of the StoneLock solution.

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